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Trash Compactor

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Reduce Costs With An Industrial Trash Compactor

Common Waste rents, sells, and services commercial trash compactors for businesses. Contact one of our professionals to discuss your needs. Call us, or fill out our Request a Commercial Trash Compactor Quote form.

Common Waste’s commercial and industrial trash compactors are safe and easy to use. Many of our clients are able to handle four to five times the amount of waste with an industrial trash compactor.

Different Types of Commercial Trash Compactors

We have a variety of commercial trash compactors for your business. For waste that’s high-volume, but low density consider using:

  • Trash Compactors
  • Bin Compactors
  • Container-Ready Portable Compactors
  • Compacting Dumpsters
  • Vertical Outdoor Compactors
  • Portapacks
  • Stationary Compactors
  • Self-Contained Compactors
  • Single-Stream Compactors
  • Thru-The-Wall Compactors

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Dumpster Sizes

From small to big projects – we got you covered!

10 Yard Container

12 X 8 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Garage clean outs

Yard-clean ups

Small projects

Small roofing jobs

15 Yard Container

14 X 10 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Home clean outs

Landscape projects

Parties & festivals

Small & medium roofing jobs

20 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Large home renovation projects

Siding or deck removals

New home construction

30 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 6 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Lot clearing

New construction

Larger projects

40 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 8 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Multi-home construction

Large clearing projects

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